High Performance School Europe

ASG are a Commander registered service facility. They work alongside the Commander High Performance School at Guernsey Airport to provide an experienced engineering service for the fleet of nine Commander aircraft based in Guernsey as well as others from UK and the Continent.
ASG have worked on Commander aircraft for 16 years. They have a team of skilled engineers who know the aircraft inside out and who have regular links with the Commander factory in Cape Girardeau.

They service more Commander aircraft than any other facility in Europe and have become a centre of excellence for the type. Contact Simon at ASG with your spares orders.

ASG has been approved as a main parts distributor for Europe. They have arranged a weekly shipment from the factory for European bound parts

We have a "Commander dolly" which allows shipping of a Commander with wings removed. It is available for hire along with a 40 foot double-ended container.

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