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Commander aircraft were originally designed and manufactured by Rockwell International, a leading aerospace and defense company. The Rockwell military engineering mind set that produced the P51 Mustang, the F86 Sabrejet, the F100 Super Sabre, and the B1 Bomber clearly shows in the design of the Commander. The original models, the Commander 112 series, were subsequently updated by Rockwell with the introduction of the Commander 114 and 114A.
The Commander 114B was developed and produced by Commander Aircraft Corporation and features a series of aerodynamic, systems, avionics, and cabin improvements. The 114B received a new Type Certificate from the FAA in 1992, and the turbocharged 114TC received a new Type Certificate from the FAA in 1995. To obtain the new type certificates, the Commander 114B and the Commander 114TC had to comply with the newer FAA safety requirements under FAR Part 23 (through amendment 7). The Commander 115 series is the latest of a thoroughbred line of aircraft that offer the ultimate combination of performance, comfort, safety, and utility, and it has become recognized as the Mercedes of the single engine fleet.
The Commander 115 represents the culmination of a multitude of improvements to the Commander line and features numerous airframe, engine and systems refinements, as well as significantly increased range capability and upgraded avionics packages. In addition to a full line of conventional avionics, the factory offers significant purchaser ability to customize avionics selections. 
Commander 115:

The Mercedes of the

single engine fleet