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<IMG_0608.JPG>Cherbourg remains the most convenient entry point for many wishing to visit France. Although the tower is manned is it is now "information" only, they are not controllers. There is cover at the weekends but in the form of information only,   Even so the airport remains open during the published hours .
On first contact with Deauville if the Tower is not manned you will be directed to make all calls in French when joining.  Some do, others don't . You should not be put off from landing there.
Luc tells me the problems will be resolved by the end of April.
Note also that French Customs are in attendance EVERY day and you need to carry a passport and aircraft documents must be carried and up to date.

The 2 Register.
There are now a fair number of aircraft sporting the 2 prefix, and ATC units are coming to terms with our new tag.  As most will know it is open to all CI residents to register their aircraft. It is also open  to those who may wish to have their aircraft on the register but who are not CI residents.  It can be achieved by holding the aircraft in a Guernsey company. It is a quick and simple process to register a company here and can be done on line.  The limitation is that for a non resident ,the Guernsey company will need a resident agent and address. We do have an experienced and trusted contact who can provide those services.
Any one interested should contact me first and I will then put them in touch with the person concerned.

Update on Commander Aircraft Corp.

As many of you will know a Chinese lady, Ms Mao has purchased the company with the declared intention of re-commencing manufacture of the 114B range.
She has moved all assets to a new site in Norman Oklahoma, not very far from the original factory in OK city.
Dan Liga, the now retired warranty manager for the original company has very kindly done some snooping for us and has located the site .He reports everything is there in a large hanger but there is no other activity.  We await developments.
We are still waiting , there has been no movement now for several months