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Commander 114B the First AD

Yesterday the  FAA published the first AD to attach to the 114B series aircraft.  There have been a couple of others relating to the Lycoming engine but this is the first for the airframe.  A remarkable record for a series of aircraft first manufactured in 1992.
It relates to cracking of the elevator spar found in a number of aircraft in the US.
ASG have already started a programme to inspect all aircraft in the ASG maintained fleet and anticipate they will have a better idea of the time required to fulfil the inspection as required by the FAA. Those aircraft already here for Annual will have the inspection of the spar included in the Annual check.  If your aircraft is maintained other than at ASG your engineers or indeed you may like to speak to Trevor at ASG to get the current state of play.
You have 5 hours of flying time grace period before the inspection is required .