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Jersey Aero Club

We have been told that Jersey Aero Club will no longer be manned after 1800 hours.  The implication of this means you will have to be parked and "handled" by Beauport Aviation should you decide to arrive or depart after those hours. We are advised  handling fees are around the £70 mark plus a landing fee of £12.

Gear Problems

There have been an unusual crop of gear problems recently.  The most important drill to remember is :
If you deploy the gear manually or if you have a pump which is clearly recycling pull out and leave out the gear motor contact breaker. The danger is you will burn the pump out and they are hard come by and expensive to have refurbed.  If you want further information give me a call.

New Notam Site

My spies have found a super new NOTAM site.  It will appear on the website I hope this week.  watch out for it and give it a try


Aerodyme, in the human form of Jim Richards is the "de Facto" TC holder for Commander Aircraft.
<IMG_0608.JPG>Not only is the 320 HP Super Commander STC well established but also the Super Stream Tail mod.
I have both on my aircraft.
Jim has also developed a new panel layout which looks really interesting , it includes an inclined panel which is much easier to read. He has yet to tell us what the cost of this would be,