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EGJB - Guernsey telephone ATIS 01481 238957
LFRD Dinard has improved somewhat following a letter from a Guernsey based pilot. The security system will allow GA pilots/crew through a second gate, but it is still worth avoiding Ryanair arrivals/departures if possible.  Dinard Airfield is now under new management and for the first time they are charging parking fees after one hour on the ground. for an aircraft of les than 2 tonnes the 24 hour charge is approximately €15.
EGJJ -They now have a telephone ATIS 01534 498073
LFRR - LFMM - LFBB - LFEE French Airspace flight plan closure can now be done of by telephone for both VFR and IFR flight plans simply call 0810 437 837 (0810 IFR VFR) For further information consult French AIC A20/03
LFRS Nantes. Hitherto this has been an excellent GA airfield despite it being large and International. Unfortunately the bureaucrats are at work here as well and you can no longer pay a landing fee ,typically £3.50 on the spot ,instead they will send you an account which you have to pay by cheque. Greater cost and more hassle.What’s more they now appear to have mandatory handling so suspect it’s time to give the place a miss unless you really need to go there
LFRN Rennes Rennes is no longer a GA friendly airfield. They require 24 hours notice for Customs and, worse still, are now charging a substantial handling fee. If you really need to go there, i suggest you contact Rennes Aeroclub for assistance.
Olivia. You can now file your flight plan on line through the French Olivia system. You can access it on this site. The links are in English to enable you to log in more easily. You will find very few working Olivia terminals in France. It is great when it works: even so it is worth checking to see if your flight plan is in the system before you set off.
France Meteo. Unfortunately you cannot get the met from Olivia at the same time. For some reason the French have stopped the free service other than from an airfield terminal. However you can fax France Meteo with a request and copy of your licence and they will give you a password so that you can get the weather.  I know it works because I have done it!. You can get plates ,notams etc.
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