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Each year Aviation Consumer looks back at all the products they've tested and reviewed and chooses their top picks. They find the "standout products in which the manufacturer has gone the extra distance to provide exceptional quality or value."

In 2008 they singled-out thirteen products and Lightspeed Zulu was named "Best ANR Headset."
They cited a number of reasons for picking Zulu over another well-known premium headset, including the Bluetooth cellphone link, the auxiliary audio input, and the fact that Zulu costs less.
WINSLOW® LifeRaft Company builds the world's best marine and aviation life rafts. WINSLOW Marine and Aviation Super-Light™ and Ultra-Light™ life rafts have been rated #1 in every independent life raft evaluation in which they have been included.

WINSLOW® Life Rafts are packed in compact abrasion resistant urethane fire retardant valises or reinforced engineered plastic hard packs.

WINSLOW marine and aviation life rafts are built with only one thing in mind . . . to save your LIFE!™
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